CDS (Australasia) Pty Ltd is a Celcat™ SOFTWARE RESELLER
Education Scheduling

Class Timetables including Automation.... Resource Scheduling and Statistical Reporting.... Microsoft 365™ integration....Attendance Monitoring ....Calendars....Exam Scheduler....New Celcat Live (Web) Report Blocks (bespoke reports Users can create and display))....Staff and Room statistical reports out of the box....Notify participants in events of changes....View schedules on TV screens or interactive door screens...Integration to Teams™ or Zoom™....Room Booking software.

CDS is a Trusted Vendor

27+ years of service to education sector across Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific.

Technical Support

Responsive support which Customers acknowledge as high standard.

CDS knows education scheduling

We know what is essential to education customer requirements.

CDS (Australasia) Pty Ltd

27+ years of

implementations, consultancy,customer service and training.

CDS is dedicated to ensuring every customer is delivered scheduling solutions that are high quality and timely support. Efficient timetabling decisions means without clashes or collisions. Scheduling happens as programmed (SQL™ Server database with no caching ) providing solutions for class scheduling (timetabling) and Attendance needs. The software capability provides a solution at attractive pricing. Federated (by Department or Location) or centralised with role based permissions on process or data. Each of seven resources can be managed by access permissions from View, Allow or Deny. Celcat can be on premise, hosted Windows™ version or Web based (even in the cloud (excludes automation)). Coming in 2024 will be a true SaaS version of Celcat (Timetabler Connect). Choose the best solution for your Institution.


CDS knows the education industry and the need for clash free timetables.

Digital delivery enhances Staff & Student experiences.

Core Licence

Scheduling Software, Microsoft 365™ integration, Notification Service, Plasma

Automated Scheduling

Automated Timetables and Exams using our high end algorithms and visuals.

System Integration

Integration to many commercial products on the market or your own SMS.

SaaS version

Coming in 2024, Timetabler Connect will revolutionise scheduling with its many new features.

20 +

Countries Worldwide

Celcat is used across the world including Australia, SE ASIA, The Pacific


Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are very loyal and we pride ourselves on making sure our company successfully interacts and supports every one.

Our Services

Training, Deployment

Consultancy Services

Resource Consultancy

Getting data ready for Celcat Implementation and preparing for the switch to Celcat will be made easier by working with CDS. Not every site has the same operational functions. While there may be similar processes i.e. Technical and Further Education (TAFE) sites or universities, there may be different processes. We will work with customers to ensure they get optimum performance.

Implementation Management

CDS will plan and work with customers through the scheduled implementation of Celcat. That will include demonstration of each product capability, providing advice on set ups, connectivity and installation processes. NB We do not normally touch customer servers or provide topology but we do supply or system requirements, server specs etc.

System Integration

Fees for service integration work where an existing solution is not available will be charged based on the customer requirements. Celcat do have existing integrations to several Student Management Systems already. Any new integrations or those that require additional work will be subject to quotation. Celcat also has a WEB API that can be made available to customers.


Training on all Celcat products by our experienced trainers. All our products have training manuals as part of training delivery and we generally bespoke all training to your needs.

Bespoke Creations

Tell us what you want to do with Celcat and we will try and build it. Always on a quote basis but our developers can create additional programs or functions in Celcat.

Accredited Vendor

CDS has accreditation with several government bodies necessary for customer purchases.

CDS Customer loyalty defines

us as a company in Australia.

CDS has customers that have been with us since the beginning in 1997.
Customers stay with us due to our customer service and excellent support in Australia. Our interaction with customers sets the bar with high standards of training and support not just in Australia but our customers in SE Asia and the Pacific..


Site Licence Customers in Australia, The Pacific and SE Asia

98.5 %

Support Resolution


Finished Projects

100 %

Training Satisfaction
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Timetabler Core

Base Timetabling Applications

  • Timetabler
  • Outlook 365™ Integration
  • Log Viewer
  • Notification Service
  • Plasma
  • Zoom™ or Teams™ integration
  • Celcat Calendar

Automation Add on

Add to Core price per annum.

  • All Timetabler Core features plus
  • Automation Engine for Timetabler
  • Exam Scheduler Option
  • Evaluation schedule
  • Rooming only
  • Invigilator Scheduling
  • Exam Reporting

Training Packages

Choose from:

  • New User
  • Administrator
  • Automation
  • Exam Scheduler
  • Attendance Marking
  • Celcat Live
  • Celcat Live Report Blocks
CDS (Australasia) Pty Ltd Customers - Australia, The Pacific and SE Asia


Arrange a Demonstration

CDS will provide a demonstration of the Celcat product suite to show the software capability.


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